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27 October 2015 @ 02:24 am

As a general rule. I lurk on LJ, use it to keep up with news on the shows I watch.
Sometimes, I comment. Sometimes, I read fic.
Sometimes I read something and roll my eyes and thank God I can turn my laptop off and walk away.

I rarely post, and all my contributions to my main fandom has been under a false name.
Saying that, unless you're an arrogant pig or one of THOSE crazy fans, I'll probably talk to you.

Especially if you're into Supernatural and Doctor Who.

21 July 2013 @ 09:57 am
On the morning of 17th August, I picked up my kitten, Sheldon, gave him a hug and he kissed my nose. He made the cute snuffling noises that he always did when picked up, I told him to be good when I was at work, and then told my boyfriend to let me know how it went at the vets later that day (the original reason for the visit was the smell in his mouth, but he had been coughing, too).

After anxiously waiting for news, Matt told me it went fine, there was nothing wrong with his mouth; Sheldon has his usual antibiotics, and some stuff for his ear wax. My baby was okay, I relaxed.

Later that day, after work, I was heading out with friends from work. We left our bags with the security desk in our building. Only, when it was decided that we were going somewhere across the city centre, I took my bags, as my boyfriend was in work and was taking me home, I was going to leave my bags in his office so I didn't have to trek back across town.

I was happily chatting away to him, when he started crying. My stomach dropped. He said "I don't know how to tell you this, but Sheldon...Sheldon's dead."

Well, that was it. I started crying, and only really stopped yesterday morning. It still comes, on and off.

After getting home from the vets, Sheldon played in the garden with our other kitten. He had his lunch (ate it all up!), had a nap, and when Matt left for work, he was playing outside again.

The neighbour knocked on the door, sometime later, saying one of our kittens was laying on the grass outside the house and not moving. Matt's mother went to check, and he was dead.
He had a little dried blood around his nose. We think his cough (bearing in mind he's had cat flu since he was a baby) got too much, that he coughed too hard and....it hurts to think about.
I'm glad he had a nice afternoon. I'm glad he was playing in the sun. I'm glad he gave me a kiss that morning.

I hate myself for not being there with him.

It's hit me the most because he was my kitten. He would follow me room to room, climb on me as soon as I sat down. Everytime I think of his little face, and the little silent meows he did, I cry again.

He was so loving, and never hurt a soul. It's so unfair.

We took him to Summerleaze Pet Crematorium the next day. I said goodbye in their little chapel of rest, and he had a private and independant cremation. We brough his asheshome in a little oak box, with a picture-frame lid. I didn't want to bury him because we won't be in this house forever, and I would hate to leave him behind.

I just...I've never felt grief like this. I've never cried so much, even over the death of a human.
Sawyer is sad, too. Not ibterested in her toys or anything. She bit Sheldon's box yesterday (we put it on top of the xbox, because he liked to sleep there) and patted it. She sits and stares at it, and sometimes cries. She won't stop looking for him.

It hits me the most when I go to feed her, and only fill one bowl.

I just wanted somewhere that I could write not goodbye - but a thank you. A thank you to the bravest, most loving little kitten the world will ever see. Thanks for being my friend, Sheldon. Thanks for loving me back, and thank you for being you.

I miss you, buddy.


Title: So Dry Your Hollow Eyes, And Let's Go Down to the Water.
Author: dougalbug
Artist: Well. See. It was meant to be coral542383 and viviantanner but I haven't heard from either of them for a while, and now it's posting date, so...*shrug*.
Characters/Pairings: Unrequited Sam/Eleven, Dean, Bobby, Cas, Michael, Lucifer
Fandoms: Doctor Who, Supernatural (and mentions of Torchwood)
Word Count: 24,831
Disclaimer: Neither Doctor Who nor Supernatural belongs to me personally. That goes to The BBC and The CW resepctively. This is just a story.
Warnings: I guess if you've got a break-up/abandonment trigger, stay away?
Spoilers: Supernatural to the end of Season 5. Doctor Who...throughout Eleven's run.

Sam Winchester is leaving his family, getting out of the hunting life. No, he's not going to college - he's going travelling with The Doctor. Three years, he's the companion of the last of the Timelords. After finally convincing The Doctor to show him the beginning of the Universe, Sam requests to see the end of his world. The TARDIS takes them to the end of Season Five, where they meet an older Dean and an older Sam, staring down Lucifer's gun. And the future!Doctor is nowhere to be seen. A confused TARDIS, two Sam's, a belligerent Dean, an angel suffering from "little man" syndrome, and the end of the world. Yet the Doctor has a plan that'll solve it all, and get them home in time for custard.

Notes: Thank you so much to seraphwings and clex_monkie89 for pointing out mistakes and plotholes, and for showing me when I write a lot more English-sounding than I thought I did! And of course, my long suffering best friend in fandom and IRL, roommate, partner in crime, cheerleader extraordinaire, i_dreamofstars.

Dad was pissed. Not at him, Dean knew. But the way his Father's jaw was set, and the hard look in his eyes gave it all away.Collapse )

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28 April 2012 @ 08:57 pm

Part Two


The Doctor had no qualms about showing Sam Winchester the birth of the Universe.Collapse )

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28 April 2012 @ 08:53 pm
Part Three

Dean didn't speak. Not immediately.Collapse )

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28 April 2012 @ 08:39 pm
Part Seven
Epilogue - Eleven Months Later.

In Dean Winchester's eyes, the time vortex had stolen his brother, twice.Collapse )

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28 December 2010 @ 09:14 pm
Dry Your Eyes Mate


So, this fanmix starts with Dean being dumped by Lisa, covers his initial pain, followed by a bit of wallowing, wanting to call her and sort things out, moves onto his gradual recovery and moving on, and finishes with his realisation that he's free, single and happy
All the songs on this mix are by English artists; that wasn't intentional, but when I realised a couple of songs in, I decided to stick with the theme. There's no particular genre; just a mixed-up break-up album.

Length: 30.4 minutes | Size: 39.9mb

Dry your eyes mate, I know it's hard to take...Collapse )